One Day in Fulong, Taiwan

Fulong, Taiwan

Back in July 2020, we stayed in Fulong one night before heading to Luodong and Toucheng in Yilan. Fulong is just a quick train ride from Taipei, and a popular destination for day trips. We mostly went for the ocean view and the annual Sand Sculpture Festival in the summer.

Sand Sculpture Festival

The Sand Sculpture Festival takes place in the summer every year for a few months. In 2020, the main theme was a giant’s dreamland and the main theme in 2021 was Pixar. There was one sculpture featuring the CDC commander during the pandemic, Chen Shih-Chung, for his contribution to keeping Taiwan safe from COVID-19.

Fulong, New Taipei, Taiwan Fulong, New Taipei, Taiwan

Lodging at Fullon Hotel

While there are a bunch of BnB lodging (minsu 民宿) in the area, we stayed one night at a local hotel chain Fullon Hotel. The location was within short walking distance of the Fulong train station, and we enjoyed walking around the hotel. Other than normal hotel rooms, they also had villas for bigger groups and families.

Fulong, New Taipei, Taiwan Fulong, New Taipei, Taiwan

Burger at WOW Cafe

For lunch, we got a quick bento on the road near the hotel. Later we were surprised to find a burger joint within a 10-minute walk from the hotel, and walked there for dinner. The decorations were fun to look at, and the burger and kiwi juice was tasty.

Fulong, New Taipei, Taiwan


Fulong is so easy to get to with public transportation, and a relaxing beach town. Staying one night was enough for us before visiting Yilan, but I could totally imagine myself taking a break or nomading for a longer period. There are also biking and hiking trails around, something we will explore next time.

Last but not least, here are our lists of places and itinerary for our Kaohsiung trip.

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