Sheep Day in Qingjing Farm, Central Taiwan

Qingjing Farm, Central Taiwan

Last June, we went on a spontaneous day trip to a sheep farm with my family after the COVID situation got calmer. Qingjing Farm was first built by the military government in 1961, and veterans from Yunnan, China started farming in the area. In the 80s, the farm opened a hotel and welcomed tourism. I still remembered watching the sheep shaving show for the first time, sitting on the grass when I was a kid.


The travel through mountain roads is probably the most challenging part of the journey. A car or bus ride is the only way to the farm, and it takes about 2 hours to drive from Taichung downtown nonstop. Nantou Bus also goes from Taichung train station and Taichung High-Speed Railway station and takes a bit more than 2 hours to arrive.

My family booked a minivan for 6 of us, there are a few private car services online. The travel company KKDay also offers a private car service to the farm.


Sheep show

The sheep show only takes place twice a day on weekends and holidays, I’d recommend checking the time beforehand to arrive on time. We missed the earlier part of the show at 9:30 am, and just saw a sheep getting shaved. (I heard the first part was the most exciting.) After the show, the sheep stayed around and we bought some snacks from the vending machine to feed a few of them. Each sheep has their own temper, but I loved their fluffiness nevertheless.

Qingjing Farm, Central Taiwan (清境農場) Qingjing Farm, Central Taiwan (清境農場)

Horse show

Another show at the farm is performed by horses and their trainers. The horse show is twice a day every day, usually about an hour after the sheep show for people to wander to the horse show venue. We got good seats in the shade, and it was impressive watching trainers in various poses while riding a horse in motion.

Qingjing Farm, Central Taiwan (清境農場) Qingjing Farm, Central Taiwan (清境農場)


The full Qingjing skywalk was completed in recent years, at an elevation of 1700-2000 meters. The whole trail is not long (1.6 km / 1 mile), and is suitable for all ages for a refreshing walk. I enjoyed the view and air so much, it got foggy and drizzling a bit later on and the mountain view looked surreal.

Skywalk @ Qingjing Farm, Central Taiwan (清境農場) Skywalk @ Qingjing Farm, Central Taiwan (清境農場)


The farm area is famous for Yunnan cuisine from people who moved from Yunnan, China back in the military era. Originally we wanted to go to try Yunnan dishes at Lumama restaurant (魯媽媽), but they were overbooked and we ended up eating at another local restaurant Seven Color House (七彩屋). Another popular stop is Starbucks Qingjing store of the highest elevation in Asia. I’d love to stop by for a cup of tea/coffee when we have more free time next time.

Seven Color House (七彩屋), Central Taiwan


Spending most of my time in the city, Qingjing truly felt like a clean land as the name suggests in Mandarin. Next time I visit, I will make sure not to miss the first part of the sheep show and make a reservation at popular restaurants. I’d also like to check out other sights near Qingjing to make it a full day.

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